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1. This newsletter provided information that may be useful to me in my work. 

2. The topic of this newsletter is NOT a relevant issue for the VAW Learning Network to address. 

3. The content of this newsletter reflects principles of anti-oppression, diversity, and intersectionality.

4. The format of this newsletter was accessible.

5. The hyperlinks provided relevant additional information

6. Based on the content covered, I think the objective of the e-newsletter was to:

7. If asked to, the content of this newsletter would assist me in developing training or public education materials on the femcide of women who are older.

8. The e-newsletter contained content relevant to people in the 

9. I will forward this e-newsletter to about 

10. The content of this newsletter raised awareness about how the impacts of violence  may be experienced differently by different groups of people. 

11. My setting/sector can best be described as:  

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